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We have been around for 21 long years this 2017! At Jet Fynn, we believe your pictures should tell a story. That's why you may notice that we endeavour to do things a little differently because we care enough to take the time to know you & strive to give you the most amazing images that will stay with you & your loved ones for generations.
Photography is our top primary passion & why Jet Fynn exists, are we focus on, & most importantly, where our hearts are. The  effects of that passion can be seen in our
Weddings, Portraits, Events and Commercial  photography which includes everything in between as well. In other words, we love to record your historical moments to keep.

Jet Fynn started life in 1996, operating from home as a single person operations and has now evolved into a proper photography studio, gallery and a business centre based here in Ipoh Garden South, Ipoh, Perak. Malaysia with a  team of photographers, videographers, editors and designers dedicated to provide distinctive, imaginative products and services related to photography/visual imaging.

Though our primary base is in Ipoh, we travel all over Malaysia and other  International photography assignments as well. Just contact us for any queries.


Min Ho & Anne

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Welcome to our studio and enjoy a great time & great memories!

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