Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The following is a list of the most frequently asked questions and answers for our services and style.  If you have any questions that are not answered here, please feel free to e-mail us or call us and we will be happy to provide any information that you may need.

Where do you start with photographers?

The most important piece of advice we can give you is to make sure you meet a number of different photographers before you make your final decision. Why is meeting them face to face so important? Well the worst thing that can happen is that you find that you don't actually get on with your photographer on the day. Who do you think you will hit it off best with? Someone that appears to be relaxed and friendly or one that is a little distant and bossy? You also need to take a close look at the different styles of photography before you decide which one you like the most. 

Making the most of your budget?

For the vast majority of people budget is the most important consideration. Look carefully at what you get for your money. Some photographers are low in price, maybe because they are not very good or inexperienced. If you are looking to save money then there is nothing wrong with looking at photographers who are a little short on experience, but they must still be able to prove to you that they are capable of doing the job that you want them to do. That's why at Jet Fynn, we constantly train and grade our photographers according to their skillset, hence their rate varies according to your budget so that you would be able to make an informed decision. 

You should also consider that there are very good photographers who offer less expensive options. For example you may get a smaller number of photographs and the album itself may not be of the same quality as for their "top of the range" weddings. The choice is yours, but a smaller number of high quality photographs is preferable to a large number of photographs of low standards. check their prices carefully. 

Find out exactly what will you get for your money. Make sure you know exactly what you will be paying for everything. This includes picture framing, the album itself, overtime, reprints and other items that can simply be overlooked such as travel and accomodation.

Do you have a price list and package options available?

If you wish for a copy of information to be emailed to you, please include the following in your correspondence to us:

  • Date or dates required
  • Location
  • Time required
  • Your contact number, e-mail address, or mailing address
  • Your budget

It is important for you to include your date in the information request, so that we may immediately determine whether we have any schedule conflicts or budget constraints that would prohibit us from working together on your wedding.  We ask for handphone or other contact phone numbers for our records only.  Those phone numbers are not distributed to any other persons or companies and we will not make any calls to you unless we need to know more information in order to give you’re a proper quote.

How do we arrange for a consultation with you to view your work in person and to discuss our specific needs, and what is covered during a consultation?

We offer a no-obligation, personal consultation for those who is considering us for their photography needs.  Please call for available times and we will make arrangements to meet up. Standard office hours are better and we are normally available for consultations during those times, as our schedule allows.  Limited weekend time slots are also available for consultations provided we are not out for photoshoots.

During the consultation, you will be able to view samples of our work, including several assembled albums showing end-to-end coverage of any events we have photographed.  You will also be able to view enlargements, framed portraits, albums, MTV slideshows etc.  We will spend some time discussing your specific photography coverage plans, after which you should be able to determine if we offer what you are looking for in a studio.  We will go over our price list and packaging options, answering any questions you might have about choosing the right package for your needs.  

After the consultation, we do not put any pressure to book with us.  You may, of course, book with us immediately after the consultation if you wish.  Our usual advice is to meet with us first, talk things over between yourselves (or with other family members or colleagues) after you have left the consultation, and then make your decision.  

We realize that most couples wish to consult with more than one photographer (we have several to choose from) before making their final decision, and we are confident that if you are pleased with our work, our prices, and our personalities, you will give us strong consideration in your final decision.  

Our advice to couples concerning choice of a photographer usually involves answering these three questions:  

  • Do you like the photographer's work?  
  • Do the photographer's prices fit within your budget?  
  • Are you pleased with the photographer's style and personality?  (That is, do you feel that your personality and the photographer's will blend well on your wedding day?)  

If you can answer "yes" to all three of these questions, you are well on your way to making a decision.  If the answer is "no" to one or more of these questions, you might want to shop around a bit more before making your final decision. 

How do we book Jet Fynn Photography for our event?

We require a retainer and a signed contract to book our services.  Once the retainer has been received and details of the chosen package have been finalized on the contract sheet, your booking with us is finalized.

Does Jet Fynn Photography do bridal and engagement portraits?

We do offer bridal studio sessions though we are more known for our actual day wedding work. We have a wide selection of gowns, evening gowns including costumes of various cultures for sale and also for rental. ie: Japanese, Korean, Chinese costumes available. These sessions can be included as part of our packages, or they can be purchased as separate options.  

How far in advance should bridal portraits be arranged?

We recommend that bridal studio sessions take place at least two months or more before the wedding.  This allows time for the images to be processed, samples proofs to be delivered to the couple, decisions to be made concerning reprints and enlargements, processing of reprints or enlargements, delivery of the prints, and framing of the enlargements.  Additionally, if an outdoor bridal photoshoot session is planned, scheduling these sessions well in advance of the wedding date allows for rescheduling if any weather-related delays occur.  We don't experience many of these weather-related delays, but if it should happen to rain on the day of a scheduled outdoor session, it's safer to plan the session far enough in advance to have time to reschedule, if necessary.  

How far in advance should Photographers should be booked?

We recommend that the moment that you have confirmed your date, your decision to book your photographer should be done as soon as possible to prevent your desired photographer from being booked by some other people. Usually clients book us 6 months to 1 year in advance. We even had a client who actually booked us 3 years ahead!    

Does Jet Fynn Photography offer framing services for enlargements?

We do offer framing and also lamination services for enlargements. Customised sizes also available.

Does Jet Fynn Photography offer custom albums / storybook albums?

We have special hand made albums, customised albums of various sizes to suit your tastes.

How many photographers/videographers and assistants do you use at weddings?

Our current team consists of 7 team members which includes photographers, videographers and editors.  

Who does your printing and enlargements?

All of our photographs are printed in house with professional digital photo printers capable of printing high volume 4R until large format printing up to 44R, and all reprints and enlargements are processed in the same manner.  We always use the best available professional photo printers and we never cut corners on processing. This gives our prints the highest possible quality for our customers. 

What is your start time for photography?

Our basic start time is at least half an hour to one hour before the event commences.  This allows us time to set up equipments, assessing the location for our shooting strategy and taking shots of the environment and any minor details before the event starts.  

What shooting style do you use for your photography?

We normally use a combination of styles, mixing candid photojournalism approach and the classic posed photographs.  Much of the style that we use is determined by the agreement that we reach with our clients concerning the type of shots that they want us to shoot to tell the story of their event.  We generally adjust our shooting style to some degree based on what the client want from us, and we are usually able to determine what the client want in our pre-event consultations with them.

How many photos do you take during a typical event?

Our basic delivered preview DVD subjective to the number of sessions that we are contracted to shoot normally contains from 250 to 1000 preview images, but that number can vary depending on the size and nature of the event.  

It is rare for us to shoot less than 200 photos at an event, even a small wedding or a simple company dinner of a relatively short duration.  A larger, longer and more involved / interesting event could reach up to 1000 or more images to cover all aspects properly. 

Average event coverage based from past experience shows that we deliver around 300 - 650 images for a full day’s coverage after omitting all the undeliverable shots. (an approximate average of 30 to 60 images per hour).  

We feel that our shooting style leads to very thorough overall coverage of the events of the event day, and the resulting images tell a very good story of the flow of events.  

How soon after the event can the client expect to see the previews?

In most cases, clients can expect to see their preview images in as little as 4 weeks to 8 weeks following the event depending on non-peak or peak seasons.

Do you allow other people to take photographs while you are working?

Normally we do not have any problem with friends and relatives taking photographs while we are doing our work.  All that we ask is that any friends or relatives respect the fact that we have been hired to do a job as efficiently as possible and that it is especially important that we have minimal interference during the session in order for us to carry out our duties at our most efficient manner. 

After all being said, it's quite all right if someone wants to take a photograph after we have shot a given pose, but other people preventing the official photographer(s) carrying out their work would not be nice isn't it?.

At the event, is the client expected to make arrangements to feed the photographer and/or assistant along with the other guests?

We do not approach our work with the expectation of being invited to dine.  We feel that we are there work at the event, not feasting!  Well, most of the time we are invited to eat together and that is an invitation that we might accept depending on the situation. However, it's nice to know if we can help ourselves for water, tea, or soft drinks since our work can tend to be a bit dehydrating at times.  (We will abstain from drinking any alcoholic beverages in the course of our work. – We might get drunk and hand you blurred pictures………..hahaha!)  

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