Why us?

 ~A perspective by Ong Min Ho - Certified WPPA Professional Photographer ~

There is so much more than just a click to capture a photograph. The images produced should convey the classic elegance, a story and the flow of messages that delights the viewer with a historical value attached to them.

Jet Fynn Photography's nature of shoot is a blend of fine art, documentary, photojournalism and portrait photography.

There is a story to be told from different perspectives and the little expressions from the child during the photo sessions until every wedding moments are to be cherished and recorded. Every single photography sessions to us is different be it a simple portrait session or the more elaborate weddings. We strive to capture the emotional contents of the moments at hand.

When looking for a professional photographer, be sure to look through their portfolio for their personal touch. Effective  photographers are mostly "hands on" during the photo session and they take pride in their work. All our photographers in Team Jet Fynn are personally trained by our principal photographer, Mr. Ong Min Ho who is a WPPA Certified Professional Photographer and he is also one of the lecturers in the teaching faculty for photography in Tunku Abdul Rahman University College certification and licensed by the Higher Education Ministry of the Government of Malaysia.

Hiring a professional photographer can be a bit
intimidating with so many types of pricing and quality available in the market, but maybe we can assist in your decision.

We love photography mostly because of the opportunity to spend time capturing the joys, the smiles and the special moment in the life of theof our customer and their entourage of family members and friends, to record the history for prosperity. Our years of experience taught us to capture from angles to capture the image that will be cherished and loved.

Our photographs if you notice, reveal the little touches that make each picture special.

As a professional photographers, our goal is to carefully capture the images in a manner to fully show our client's perspective of a lifestyle they have or aspire to be.

 Directly or indirectly, it also enhances the self image too.

Anyone will be able to get our services upon request when the time frame allows. All you have to do is just ask.

We can get together to plan for a time and date to ensure a smooth photography session, or if your date is fixed, we just need to look at our schedules to see if we are available.

Remember, your contracted photographer is probably the only person you will have to trust to take all of your photography needs and the only person you will want to continue to work with year after year after year.

We are happy to offer flexible photography services that appeal to everyone; from the simple portrait photography to customized wedding photography packages. We know you have your busy schedules and perhaps you can just give us a call to check out and discuss what is the best package that might suit your needs.

You deserve photography that will be cherished by the everyone for years to come. 


Call us now!

Let us capture your cherished memories . . .

 P/S: We do printing of customers' own images from camera/handphone & also pre-wedding too!


~Our services cover all of Malaysia and worldwide~


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