Chinese Weddings

Random Highlights of Chinese Weddings
Random samples from the various Chinese weddings that we had covered. Want to see more? Just drop by our studio.

Ivan & Ling
Received a call from Ivan one day and after a few minutes, he confirmed us for his wedding and the wedding is to be held in Ayer Tawar, a short drive away from Sitiawan. This couple made our jobs much easy as they are very outgoing and very attentive to ideas given to them. The entourage of hengtai's and cheemui's are also very participative in the games that they play. 

James & Shannen
James & Shannen just wanted a simple coverage for her dinner reception. Click and have a look on the "simple" coverage we did for them.

Jeffrey & Nesta
When a fellow photographer asked us to cover their wedding, it is actually quite challenging and also scary too. Then again, we kept our composure and just went out to do our job as what we have always done. As it turns out, everyone was happy!

Anthea & Kean
Anthea was originally a customer for our corporate photography services and when it was her wedding, guess who became her official wedding photographers? She looked lovely in her traditional 'Kua' & likewise Kean also came dressed in matching chinese styled groom attire.

Alex and Angela
Angela who was a student under the tutelage of our principal photographer at Tunku Abdul Rahman College University a few years ago engaged us to cover her wedding which spans from Tambun, Ipoh to Cameron Highlands where the groom resides.

Ken & Yvonne
Yvonne's make up session was very early at 5AM and we almost dragged our feet to cover her make up session at 6AM before we proceeded to her house  to continue. Then again, when the momentum starts, the adrenaline keeps pumping as the cheemui's and the hengtai's are really ferrocious where all participants were at a frenzy trying to outdo each other. At the end, it was all good fun!

Boon Ken & Jia Ling
These 2 lovebirds have been dating since schooldays and they had a simple wedding done.(When has a simple wedding been simple?) The challenges that the groom's entourage have to go through includes a bulldozer that is filled with ice! The lunch reception was at Jalan Kuala Kangsar where we were also asked to provide instant printing photobooth for them.

Pamela & Yee Yan

Pamela was busy doing her make-up at the bridal studio and her hubby to be was slumber only on his own comfortable bed
(acting la...for the drama to be put into the evening reception slideshow)
The cheemui's are a united lot and the groom's hengtai's don't have a chance and the games was challenging too!

Darren & Irene
A dinner reception in Royal China, Ipoh. Elegant and yet down to earth as the couple managed to thrill the crowd especially Darren with his eloquent speech on stage on how he loved his beloved wife Irene. This dinner reception also engaged us for instant printing photobooth.

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