Church, Garden & Intercultural Weddings

Random Highlights of Church, Garden & Intercultural Weddings
Random samples from the various intercultural weddings that we had covered. Want to see more? Just drop by our studio!

Brian Khoo & Sheila
A glass of teh-o-ais limau started the love story of this couple. A chef from USA (Brian migrated from Malaysia when he was a teenager) met the bride Sheila at a gathering in US and she wished she could have a nice glass of the teh-o-ais limau and hey presto! Brian went to the kitchen to have it done and personally gave it to her. They went through a lot of trials before Sheila's parents finally said yes! 

David & Zarina
David from Portugal and lovely Zarina's wedding held in Ipoh. The Akad Nikah ceremony was attended by a number of guests from all over the place which of course includes David's family members. David's father was quite emotional as the ceremony went by. (usually the mother's do that.....) Even the Mayor of Ipoh is one of the VVIP guests to witness the ceremony.

Li Yoong & Thangaraja
Indian groom, Chinese bride, Ipoh Photographer...... This couple's ceremony was rather interesting as it involves both their respective cultures on the same day itself where the morning session was held according to the Chinese customs and later in the afternoon the ceremony continued with the traditional Indian customs. A harmonious blend of everything both cultures have.

Robert & Irene
Love is in the air.... Love know no boundaries. The bride came from afar, all the way from Philippines and the lucky guy she said yes to is Robert who won not only her heart but everyone from the bride's family as well! The ceremony was done at the Church of The Holy Spirit here in Ipoh.  

Ben and Geetha
An English groom marries an Indian Malayalee bride. Wedding in Sg. Siput, temple ceremony in Kanthan Temple.

Terence & Mina

A Perakian groom fell in love with a Sarawakian girl and marries her! 

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