Indian Engagements and Weddings

Random Highlights of Indian Engagements and Weddings
Random samples from the various Indian engagements & weddings that we had covered. Want to see more? Just drop by our studio.

 Thanes and Khuga Engagement
Thanes & Khuga's engagement was held in Sitiawan at Bei King Hotel & Restaurant. Many guests arrived with happy faces showing their delight they are blessing the couple and there is an air of love all over the place.

Ganesh and Hema Engagement
This loving couple's engagement ceremony was held at a temple near Tanjung Rambutan where it is built into a naturally formed cave.  

Ganesh and Hema Wedding
Of course as a follow up to their engagement, both of them got married! Also held at the same place where they held their engagement a few months earlier. Their ceremony was full of people giving their blessings all over the place.   

Gurmit and Kala Wedding
Sikh weddings have a lot of culture and rules which was passed down for generations which basically teaches their people the way of life according to their religion. Their Holy Book was opened and read for all to hear. The passing of wisdom for the couple was being paid attention by others as well. Interestingly, in Sikh tradition, the groom wears the headgear that looks like the veil instead of the bride!  

Dharmen and Vasumitha
It was a last minute request by Vani the bride for us to cover her wedding. We just went along and did our job. Dharmen is the cheeky groom who keeps on making everyone around him feels so relaxed while Vani the bride have that smile that cheers people up and the atmosphere was fun and jovial. All who attended gave their blessings to the couple for a new journey that they are starting.

Nara and Shuganthee
Nara was the one who approached us to cover his wedding as recommended by his cousin who got us a few months earlier! One good job means recommendations for another! Shuganthee and her family welcomed us to the house as we were there 1 hour earlier and we shoot quite a lot before we proceeded to the temple opposite YMCA in Ipoh Town.

Sree and Pritha
A simple Indian wedding ceremony held in the morning at the temple premises itself. The sun was shining bright and boy! Everyone who attended was HOT! Then again, we kept our cool and did our job as we are paid to do. Click and have a look!

Jeeva and Usha
A wedding held in Teluk Intan Grand Hotel Ballroom. Jeeva the groom have a knack of doing things grandly for his events. earlier for his engagement he arrives at the temple with a bullock cart that was actually pulled by 2 cows. This time at his wedding he engaged 2 very interesting dancers to grace his entrance. Usha, the demure bride, felt the things that Jeeva did touched her heart all the more!

Uma and Mahen
Uma the beautiful bride did her make up at Vitoria Beauty very early in the morning and we went to cover that. The wedding ceremony was held also at the temple near Tanjung Rambutan and Mahen sports a lovely moustache and makes him very manly.

Vatsala and Thanabalan
We drove all the way to Klang for this wedding. It was a grand wedding and the groom's family came with a Jaguar to fetch Vatsala the bride to the temple. At first the groom was a bit tensed, perhaps due to the attention that he was receiving from the guests but he soon relaxed after the sami gave him some pointers and the ceremony flowed smoothly after.

Novinth and Sameera
Groom from Kuala Kangsar, bride from India, photographers from Ipoh. Novinth's wedding is the fourth wedding from his family as we covered all his 3 elder sisters' wedding earlier. Their love story began at the medical school which accumulated in their union.

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