Here are actual samples of our work:
Pre -Wedding & Actual Day Wedding

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Ben and Geetha
English groom, Indian Malayalee bride, Ipoh photographer. Wedding in Sg. Siput, temple ceremony in Kanthan Temple.

Azneen and Halim
A cheeky couple whose wedding held in Kuala Kangsar mosque and at home just after the highway exit.

Kenneth and Rachel
We had a  loving couple who knows how to have fun and be cheeky during the their actual day wedding photoshoot.

Michael and Mei Chan
An interesting church wedding and outdoor shoot at St.Michael Institution, Ipoh, where Michael was an alumni member.

Fadzil and Lyddia
We had an enjoyable 2 days capturing both of them at a quaint place called Kampung Dusun Hilir, Layang-Layang Kiri.

Mazuin and Zamri
Wedding ceremony held at Meru Valley Hall, Jelapang.

Chan Yoon & Kylie
Australian couple celebrates their wedding with family and friends in Ipoh.Reception in Excelsior Hotel. 

Jack and Athena
Wedding in Ipoh Sun Lee How Fook. Both of them are based in Singapore.

King Yang and Yee Ling
Bride's place is in Jalong and the groom is from Sauk. Detoured for a photoshoot on the way to groom's house near Kuala Kangsar.  

Henry and Kelly
Bride's place is in Mambang Di Awan, Kampar & Ipoh. Both are based in Singapore

Nana and Saidi
Was honoured to be the photographer for this couple as they actually changed their wedding day to suit our schedule!

Trevor and Christy
AD Wedding in Singapore. Detoured to Marina Bay for a photoshoot of the beautiful scenery while on the way to the groom's house.

Trevor and Christy

AD Wedding in Kampar

Mazlan and Nurzamzilah
Wedding took us 4 days to cover from akad nikah till a grand dinner at Casuarina Hotel Ballroom

Kim Loong and Jenny
Shooting started from a bridal studio until reception at Heritage Hotel

Yusri and Ati
Handsome groom from KL & blushing bride from Kg.Kepayang

Alex and Vivian
One of the more interesting couples that we had. Baby came along for their wedding at Clearwater!

Emmanuel and Sharon
French Groom, Singapore Bride, Ipoh Photographer, what more can I say?

Sing Yen and Gaik Cheng
We went all the way to cover their wedding in Jeniang and Alor Star in Kedah. Reception in Star City Hotel.

Arif and Azura
Wedding story of the year! Both met online with groom from USA and romance followed soon after ending in wedded bliss!

Peter and Jane
Had a nice church ceremony in St.Micheal's Church followed by a reception in Tai Thong Rest in Heritage Hotel.
Anna and Silas
Anna from Indonesia and Silas from Ipoh. Now both are based in Indonesia

Andy and Fung 
Groom from Scotland and Ipoh Bride. Reception in Hillcity Hote. Both based in Australia.

ROM / Pre-Wedding

Christine and Kelvin
Shooting done in our Ipoh Studio and we proceeded to many other interesting areas

Hee Tat and Wai Miin
Pre-wedding package that only took us 2 hours to complete at our Ipoh Studio

Siu and Fa
Couple came all the way from Teluk Intan for a full pre-wedding package

Mazuin and Zamri
Pertunangan ceremony held at bride's house in Meru Valley

Roy and Fran (ROM)
Covered their simple ROM ceremony with black & white theme at Clearwater Sanctuary, Batu Gajah.

Trevor and Christy
Studio and outdoor shoot at Clearwater Sanctuary.

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