2020 is here!

Celebrate the year 2020 with your loved ones

Put it on your desk, keep it beside your bed, have a copy in your wallet!
When you miss them, look at their picture, put a smile on your face.

Simple & straightforward packages that will delight you!

1) Personal, Baby, Pregnancy Studio Photoshoot 


2) Graduate Studio Photoshoot 

Simple and straightforward. This is the most opt for photography package for single or multiple poses at our studio

Celebrate with your loved ones at our studio, just pay for what you need according to your needs. No more no less.
The best part is, the prices are the same for portraits, baby, pregnancy and any other studio shoot as below

* The above packages also valid for family photos & personal portraits 

3) Instant Printing Photobooth

Sometimes printed photos brings back all the nostalgia

The above can be customised if there is a special request. Prices still valid until June 2020!


What are you waiting for?

Call us at 016 - 523 0161 to make an appointment now!

*Note: Offer valid till end of June 2020 by appointment only.
Packages valid for up to a maximum 6 persons in a group. A little extra charge for more than 6 persons.

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